Meissner Run

Meissner Run
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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Jersey Orders - PayPal

Hey! Someone try paying using PayPal - I wanna see how it works.....

Just a couple of fyi's concerning payments for the jerseys.

1. I'll be keeping track of what everyone pays. If we get enough orders to drop the price, and you've paid the higher, I'll send a refund.

2. PayPal is now an option! Go to PayPal,

email is

For type of services select Goods.


SadieKate said...

I'll try this today.

SadieKate said...

Okey-dokey. Just did my end of the high finance deal. This work, Snap?

snapdragen said...

Yay! My first PayPal transaction. Tres easy, no?