Meissner Run

Meissner Run
Snowshoe running in gorgeous Central Oregon

Thursday, August 25, 2005

New friends and cyclists ride - Sunday, Sept 18

We're tentatively planning a ride to gather together all of our friends and their friends and their friends and, ok you get the point, but all those who are getting into road riding, help the newbies take a next step and generally have a good time. "No drop" is the motto for the day but with 3 lengths and one hill to choose from one and all should find some fun.

I'll post details later but the plan is to have 3 loop options from Davis: 1) Winters and back (@34 miles), 2) To Winters and around Lake Solano (@43-50 miles) and 3) Out to Winters and over Cantelow (maybe 56-60 miles). To pull this off, we'll need a ride leader and a sweep for each loop (I can supply good maps).

We'll probably meet at Common Grounds Coffee House in south Davis and can have a post ride meal at Dos Coyotes.

Any volunteers?


Sue said...

If I'm still here and/or able to participate, I'll be happy to sweep/lead/whatever. I know SK already knows that but I thought I'd advertise it in the hopes of getting others to sign on.

I think Monster (Bea) is also planning on sweeping/leading/whatever also.

SadieKate said...

Cool for both of you! MC - how 'bout sweep? Just need to be able to change a flat and follow the leader. Since you ride up and back and up and back anyway. You can be Mad Cyclist aka Super Sweep!

SadieKate said...

MC - 'nother note. Bring Robb. It's time he rode Cantelow.