Meissner Run

Meissner Run
Snowshoe running in gorgeous Central Oregon

Sunday, July 31, 2005

Day 7 Off the Bike

As Sarah and a few others know, I will be relocating from Placerville and my beloved interval-training-through-hills to Salt Lake City, UT (yeah, I know they have hills and mountains but alas! they seem to pale in comparison to the stuff around here). For the last month or so I've been pretty focused on getting the house ready for sale and haven't been riding much ("weekend warrior princess"). As of today, this is the longest I've gone without riding (7 days) in a number of years. When compounded with only riding 1-2 days a week since the Sierra Century, the result is lost fitness and what I can only describe as "panicky anxiety" about being off the bike. Brian, my hubby, is already in UT and is going through his own struggles trying to find temporary housing that will allow us to bring our zoo along (currently at 1 dog, 4 cats, 3 birds--any of you interested in adopting a parrot?).

My bike sits on the stand, still with the flat that seemed to develop after our ride on Iron Mtn Road 7/24. It's dirty and in need of some TLC. I feel guilty that I've let it sit this long in the state that it's in. It's looking over my shoulder right now, in fact.

I always considered our house pretty low maintenance, such that we could play several weekends in a row and it really wouldn't suffer too much from nothing more than some dust and dog-hair floofies in the corners. One of the many things I've learned as I've gone through this process (the list of lessons is sooooo long) is that no house is low maintenance. I think this will really help us as we look for our new house in SLC. Because low maintenance will be key. I can't wait to start riding and hiking and living a normal life again (that includes eating regular meals--but for my wonderful friends bringing me food, I'd probably eat nothing but popsicles and avocados).

But looking forward, Sarah and I have been talking about Little Red Riding Hood, the women-only century in UT that she and Petunia did this year. We have big (tentative) plans for a convergence, complete with a scheme to haul a bunch o' bikes there via Wrench Boy's Towing Service. Think about it ladies. It'll be a grand time.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Time Trialing - August 10

OK, my little secret is out. I did a time trial and it was fun. Learned stuff like maybe I need to come up with a strategy before I'm trying to get clipped in at the start, where I need to train harder, to ignore the guy at the turn around, etc. I am pleased to report that I did much better than I expected but lots of room for improvement. Anywho, this was fun. The Davis Mad Cows and Wheelworks put on a low key, friendly, just have fun time trial every other Wednesday night. Come out and join in the giggles.

Next one is August 10 at 6 pm.
Frozen margaritas at Dos Coyotes after provide an excellent recovery regimen.

Hmmm, wonder if I can justify a TT bike just for a 10 mile race once or twice a year.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

July 30th, Mt Diablo Hill Climb - road bike

Day: Saturday, July 30th
Start: Time to be determined by weather but guessing between 6 and 6:30
Where: Train Museum in Danville then up the South Gate Rd
Pace: Your own tempo as we go up then come down. Hard to get lost.
SAG Services (now known as Camel Services :)): Provided by Snapdragen
After Ride Rehab Location: To be determined


What happened to I'll be in the bar.....

just kidding! Love the design, love everything about it. I've been running around the office showing everybody. Lots of nods and nice to the crazy lady........

The Jersey

Spazzdog has been working her little paws to the bone so please send her a few treats. Based on my inarticulate and confusing requests, she's created a wonderful preliminary design that is veddy, veddy close. While we know the Voler art department will make some more changes based on their vast jersey building experience we thought we'd get this out there for the world to see. So scroll down below.

The order form with estimated prices should be posted in the next few days when I'll add the link. Miss Snap is in charge of collecting orders from anyone and everyone who is so inclined to join us. Our current order deadline is August 22nd though this may change a bit as Voler is a tad behind on the women's club cut jersey (not their fault - the manufacturer of the lycra used in their shorts in going out of business which has impacted their whole delivery cycle).

On the women's club cut - it will have no elastic in the hem, a slightly shorter length, and will flare a bit at the hips. The bust will be adjusted slightly to better accomodate those of us with girly curves. I tried on prototype #2 on Monday and it fits really nicely. Sizing info can be found at

Oops, once last thing -- the secret message on the inside of the pocket will be "Another hare racing story" (a Bubba contribution) to go with our collar message, "Embrace your inner tortoise" (a Veronica inspiration).

Wednesday, July 27, 2005