Meissner Run

Meissner Run
Snowshoe running in gorgeous Central Oregon

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Fast Friends support RAAM

I am just brimming with pride over my friends. Somehow I missed the fact that someone I had grown to like and respect via a cycling forum was riding RAAM was again this year. I had the opportunity to meet and ride with Bernie Barge of Team JDRF when a few friends, my husband and I rode in the San Luis Obispo Wildflower Century this year. It turned out there were no wildflowers (well, hardly any) but there sure was a lot of heat, 103 degrees of it to be precise. We were all sick with it, but I was in particular stress. Bernie stuck with me through thick and thin and we made it across the line. During the ride when we were slowly grinding away in the heat and wind, I found out that Bernie was racing RAAM again so last night I did a little sleuthing around on the ‘net idly looking for his team information, only to find that we could stake claim to time stations to not only support Bernie and his team, but to support the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Being the enthusiastic yakker that I can sometimes be, I emailed a few friends as test cases and they were all game to chip in and get time stations. Taking this as a good sign, I posted on the women’s cycling forum at and emailed a bunch of folks I knew through Wow about sums it up. I am speechless with the generosity that flowed.

As of Thursday night we have 10 time stations:

§ Lake Henshaw, CA
§ Williams, AZ
§ Collins, MO
§ Greenville, IL
§ Putnamville, IN
§ Troy, OH
§ Parkersburg, WV
§ Rouzerville, PA
§ Delaware Memorial Bridge, NJ
§ McKee City, NJ

Thanks to the generosity of these wonderful folks, we’ll help defray team costs and support the Research Foundation with any leftover funds.

§ Veronica* and Thom
§ Jobob*
§ aka_kim*
§ pkq
§ Fredwina
§ TrekHawk
§ Pansy Palmetto
§ Yellow and Mr. Yellow
§ Tenbrooks
§ Melissam
§ ShubieGA
§ BikerZ
§ WrenchBoy
§ Adventure_Girl*
§ Triskeliongirl
§ GT

*Amici Veloci Bored Members

I was hoping to fund one time station and we have 10. What a tremendous group of people I’m honored to know.

Team JDRF, we’re at your back and we’ll be ready for those calls anytime day or night.

Vada velocemente! Go fast!