Meissner Run

Meissner Run
Snowshoe running in gorgeous Central Oregon

Monday, August 29, 2005

Jersey - new low price for 24 hours only!


We had to make some revisions with our jersey and vest orders so we've been given another 24 hours to add to the order at the new and improved 50 unit price.

Jerseys are $62.50 each (down from $79)
Wind vests are $55.50 each
Thermal wind vests are $86.50 each

If you would like to order a jersey, please let me know so I can send you an order form. Send Janet your payment and order no later than 4 pm Tuesday. Snap will be refunding money for those that paid the higher price.

Hope this makes some people happy!

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Friends in Fast Places

Lon and buddies have started shooting action scenes under the nom de video "ShareTheRoad Productions." For your viewing pleasure, see the link to the right.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Diablo via North Gate Rd - August 28, Sunday

We've had requests for another ride up Diablo. Since it is so nice to ride up before the gates open and the Corvettes come racing in, we'll stage an early morning attack.

Start: 6:30 am
Where: Arbolado Park in Walnut Creek
Davis Bike Bus: Leaves the curb at 5:15 am

New friends and cyclists ride - Sunday, Sept 18

We're tentatively planning a ride to gather together all of our friends and their friends and their friends and, ok you get the point, but all those who are getting into road riding, help the newbies take a next step and generally have a good time. "No drop" is the motto for the day but with 3 lengths and one hill to choose from one and all should find some fun.

I'll post details later but the plan is to have 3 loop options from Davis: 1) Winters and back (@34 miles), 2) To Winters and around Lake Solano (@43-50 miles) and 3) Out to Winters and over Cantelow (maybe 56-60 miles). To pull this off, we'll need a ride leader and a sweep for each loop (I can supply good maps).

We'll probably meet at Common Grounds Coffee House in south Davis and can have a post ride meal at Dos Coyotes.

Any volunteers?

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Time Trial #3 - August 24th, Wednesday

Everybody now knows about our little secret especially since I just invested in aero bars. Used them around Lake Solano today and definitely cruised a bit faster. My inner tortoise was having fun!

Attempt #3 is this Wednesday at 6 pm. I think the Monster Bea and Yellow will be coming down from Pville. Who else will come join in the giggles? The Davis Mad Cows and Wheelworks put on a low key, friendly, just have fun time trial. Here's the link:

Afterwards, we can go for frozen margaritas at Dos Coyotes or head to the downtown Farmer's Market for BBQ and other local good eats.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Arm Warmers - Make Bubba's Dream come true!

Team Amici Veloci is only 8 pairs away from making our minimum order of 25. Just think how snazzy you'll look this winter styling your jersey and arm warmers. You'll look like a pro! They'd even make a great gift.Arm warmers are only $29 and may drop a buck or two depending on our shipping and tax situation. You can order via PayPal until tomorrow morning. Everyone needs warm and cozy arms. Order now! Bubba thanks you for your support!

Scroll down below to see more details about the jersey and to get snapdragen's paypal address.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Around Lake Solano and back - Sun, Aug 21

WrenchBoy and I are planning a road ride around Lake Solano on Sunday morning. Have to start putting in the longer miles since the Siskiyou Century isn't that far in the future. Let us know if you're interested.

Total loop is 45-50 miles.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

"Healthy" Jelly Belly Beans??

Jelly Belly has a promo to introduce their new Sport Bean. You get a free water bottle with your order through the end of August.

Jelly Belly is touting the new bean as competition for Gu, Gatorade, ClifShot, etc. The self-reported numbers don't look too bad, especially against Gatorade. I had no idea Gatorade had so much sodium. Probably why Gatorade is also so sweet, to cover up the sodium flavor. I couldn't find the ingredients but the sugars can't be any worse than regular old strawberry jam which gets favorable ratings against the fancy gels.

WrenchBoy can be our test subject since he is a connoisseur of all things junk and sweet. It does worry me that his palate sometimes is not very discriminating. The man likes Circus Peanuts! Yuck! You know those pasty orange Styrofoam things? Ewwwwww. He does have other fine qualities and knows his way around derailleurs, a very important skill in my estimation (me, the drivetrain princess).

Stay tuned for a product report. WrenchBoy gets the beans and I get the bottle.

Monday, August 15, 2005


The order form is on the link here. At this point in time, please email snapdragen all the pertient info and pay via PayPal using her address:

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Jersey Orders - PayPal

Hey! Someone try paying using PayPal - I wanna see how it works.....

Just a couple of fyi's concerning payments for the jerseys.

1. I'll be keeping track of what everyone pays. If we get enough orders to drop the price, and you've paid the higher, I'll send a refund.

2. PayPal is now an option! Go to PayPal,

email is

For type of services select Goods.

Fleming Meadows dirt ride - Sun, Aug 14 UPDATE

WrenchBoy and I are planning to ride Fleming Meadows with Sue (yellow). Intrepid leader pictured at right.

Details: 9 AM at the trail head (about 2.5 miles up Mormon Emigrant Rd)

We had quite a nice little group - Yellow, WrenchBoy, Robblog, Charlie, Mad Cyclist, Bea and me. Definitely need more lizard time in the sun on the lake shore. Yellow earned many style points with her backward ride across the trail and down the hill ending with a graceful butt-boggan slide.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Jersey Orders due August 19!

As you know, we are in the process of having team jerseys made. Now is your chance to join us! Currently the price for a short sleeve jersey is $79 (as reflected in the order form link on the right), but that’s with a minimum order of 25 jerseys. If 50 people buy a jersey, the cost will plummet to the bargain price of $62.50. That includes tax and US shipping!

What a deal! What a way to show fellowship, comradeship, joie de vivre.

Oh yes, you say, how can I join!? Simply click here for the order form:

Not ready to commit? Can only do this if the price is $62.50? Email snapdragen and she'll add you to the list. If it looks like we’ll get to 50 by adding in your order – voila!
Our compiled order is due to Voler on August 22 so order early to make sure snap has your money in time.

BUT WAIT! What am I getting myself into you ask? What do I have to do? Participate! Encourage your fellow riders in their endeavors, whether it is their first 20-mile ride, or their first century. We’re all about cheering each other on, helping each other to achieve their individual goals. Recruit new members and get them to purchase a jersey also!

The above composed by snapdragen and stolen by Sarah :)