Meissner Run

Meissner Run
Snowshoe running in gorgeous Central Oregon

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Time Trial #3 - August 24th, Wednesday

Everybody now knows about our little secret especially since I just invested in aero bars. Used them around Lake Solano today and definitely cruised a bit faster. My inner tortoise was having fun!

Attempt #3 is this Wednesday at 6 pm. I think the Monster Bea and Yellow will be coming down from Pville. Who else will come join in the giggles? The Davis Mad Cows and Wheelworks put on a low key, friendly, just have fun time trial. Here's the link:

Afterwards, we can go for frozen margaritas at Dos Coyotes or head to the downtown Farmer's Market for BBQ and other local good eats.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah,

Met you and the gang yesterday at the cafe in Winters. Thanks for the advice, Eric and I rode to Lake Solano and then back to Davis. What a great ride. Nice to have met you and look forward to seeing you again. Linda

Sue said...

Bea told me about the scary "serious" folks. I thought this was all fun-n-games!?!?!?

Just the THOUGHT of riding on flat ground scares me, and now... seriously aero helmets??? YIKES! :O

I will need that post-ride margarita!

SadieKate said...

Yeah, but then there was some guy on his hybrid with hiking boots and a 12 yr old. Nobody cares!! Have fun! You are getting awfully competitive about this whole thing. :)

Sue said...

Moi? Competitive? Bwwaaaaaaaha ha ha ha! ; )

Seriously, it was defintely different and challenging and fun to boot. I was very impressed by everything I saw. Well organized, friendly folks, and very large quads.

However, I'm still feeling the effects of a different saddle position today!

Oh! And my favorite part? Sitting around afterwards eating and drinking and talking and laughing. I don't do that nearly enough!

SadieKate said...

Hey, yellow! Did they report your time right? I thought you stayed ahead of me. I think they made a boo-boo.

aka_kim said...

Babelfish says you gals are "tre donne molto veloci." Who can argue with that?

Sue said...

Yes, my time appears to be misreported by a minute. When I finished I had 28:35 and the very nice fellow there at the finish had 28:33. So either they typo'd or my computer was also off by a minute.

So hopefully those friends of mine that are checking up on me to make sure I actually did the ride won't think I'm fibbing!

SadieKate said...

Well, since the very nice guy was Joe,the owner of Wheelworks, you'll have to discuss it with him while he fits your aero bars.

OK, have to go look up Kim's "babeling." :)

SadieKate said...

Ah ha! Very fast! Well, Sue is just fast period. Bea got faster out of sheer hardwork, effort and determination. Me? I wrote a check for aero bars and did it the easy way.