Meissner Run

Meissner Run
Snowshoe running in gorgeous Central Oregon

Sunday, July 31, 2005

Day 7 Off the Bike

As Sarah and a few others know, I will be relocating from Placerville and my beloved interval-training-through-hills to Salt Lake City, UT (yeah, I know they have hills and mountains but alas! they seem to pale in comparison to the stuff around here). For the last month or so I've been pretty focused on getting the house ready for sale and haven't been riding much ("weekend warrior princess"). As of today, this is the longest I've gone without riding (7 days) in a number of years. When compounded with only riding 1-2 days a week since the Sierra Century, the result is lost fitness and what I can only describe as "panicky anxiety" about being off the bike. Brian, my hubby, is already in UT and is going through his own struggles trying to find temporary housing that will allow us to bring our zoo along (currently at 1 dog, 4 cats, 3 birds--any of you interested in adopting a parrot?).

My bike sits on the stand, still with the flat that seemed to develop after our ride on Iron Mtn Road 7/24. It's dirty and in need of some TLC. I feel guilty that I've let it sit this long in the state that it's in. It's looking over my shoulder right now, in fact.

I always considered our house pretty low maintenance, such that we could play several weekends in a row and it really wouldn't suffer too much from nothing more than some dust and dog-hair floofies in the corners. One of the many things I've learned as I've gone through this process (the list of lessons is sooooo long) is that no house is low maintenance. I think this will really help us as we look for our new house in SLC. Because low maintenance will be key. I can't wait to start riding and hiking and living a normal life again (that includes eating regular meals--but for my wonderful friends bringing me food, I'd probably eat nothing but popsicles and avocados).

But looking forward, Sarah and I have been talking about Little Red Riding Hood, the women-only century in UT that she and Petunia did this year. We have big (tentative) plans for a convergence, complete with a scheme to haul a bunch o' bikes there via Wrench Boy's Towing Service. Think about it ladies. It'll be a grand time.


SadieKate said...

I was thinking of you this weekend. Wondering how you were doing and if tomorrow will be an emotional day since the house officially goes on the market. Sort of the end of an era. I am thinking that our friendship is just the beginning of a new era and the LLRH will be one of the big events. Though I have to admit, I'm hoping your house sells fast because I really want to show you the Oregon singletrack that we so love. Perhaps we can get Miss Kim to go with us. Girls' Road Trip! Though one of us will have more legs and fur than the others.

Sue said...

I know Kim is tall and slender and has nice legs and all that but I'm not sure she's all that furry. So I think you mean Pi!

Well, I'm on day 9 without riding but the good news is that I finally changed the tube and cleaned the bike up a little bit (though I didn't pull the cranks, which I really need to do...). I was thinking about my standard 12-miler after work today but I'm a little afraid...and I have some cleaning to do. Cleaning is easier than getting back on the bike. Gadzooks! What's become of me?

And then I was thinking this weekend I'd head up to the mts for a MTB ride and perhaps a little fishing but...Brian took ALL of the fly rods with him, including all of mine.

So perhaps just a long ride then.

aka_kim said...

Oh, I'm often confused with dogs, for so many reasons.

So what's the deal with this road trip? I am interested in riding in Oregon, if it's truly not death-defying. I'll be finishing up a contract on the 12th, and returning to FTE work (for the first time in about 10 years) the following week, but might be able to get a few days off.

Yellow, why afraid to ride? I'm sure you haven't yet lost fitness, you're just well-rested.