Meissner Run

Meissner Run
Snowshoe running in gorgeous Central Oregon

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Triple Loop Davis Ride - Sunday, Sept 18

Updating the news on this ride I'd originally planned to help the newbies take a next step and generally have a good time. "No drop" is the motto for the day but with 3 lengths and one little hill to choose from one and all should find some fun. I really hope we can get more local riders out that we haven't met before.

The Loops
1) Winters and back (@34 miles) and I'm guessing a pace below 14 mph - Have 1 newbie coming that I know of. I'm planning to lead.

2) To Winters around Lake Solano (@43-50 miles) and a pace of 14-15 mph or so -- Have 1 rider bumping up her distance. I think Petunia is leading but she seems to have date mix-up issues so I'm waiting to hear.

3) To Winters and over Cantelow (maybe 56-60 miles) - Pace 15-16 mph and maybe faster. Need to confirm a leader and sweep or even if anyone is interested.

Ready to ride at 9 AM
Meet at Common Grounds Coffee House in south Davis

Post ride meal at Dos Coyotes.

Any volunteers? I'm hoping Yellow and Killer Bea are coming but Yellow is packing! Boo-hoo! MadCyclist, can you still make it? I'm counting on you to roust out the Robblog and drag him over Cantelow.

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SadieKate said...

Copy and paste this link to see what TE Forum folks are joining us. I think at least one will be doing Cantelow with you, plus perhaps Killer Bea. I'll have maps.