Meissner Run

Meissner Run
Snowshoe running in gorgeous Central Oregon

Monday, June 11, 2007

You NEED an AV jersey ! :) Order deadline July 18

Goodness gracious, the Fast Friends are at it again.

Here's your chance to finally own a lovely and highly coveted Amici Veloci jersey. Or vest. Or jacket. Or armwarmers. Or all of the above! ;)

Order Form (excel version) --> Please, if you can, use the excel version of the order form, it will make order processing so much easier for our good friend snapdragen!

Order Form (pdf version)

Payment is by PayPal only. See the instructions on the order form.

New for 2007 - Women's sleeveless in Club Cut! Yay!! No annoying elastic at the bottom!

Here are some photos of our model in the womens short-sleeve club cut jersey, with and without the matching armwarmers. The jersey will be slightly redesigned for 2007 to include the bike journal and Team Estrogen logos.

Got Questions?
Check out these threads on the bike journal and the Team Estrogen forums. Your questions might already be answered there. And if they're not, please go ahead and post 'em on one of these threads.

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