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Meissner Run
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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Yellow's Yewtah "New Home" Adventures

As most of you know, I (yellow) relocated from Placerville, California, to Salt Lake City, Utah a couple of months ago. After living in a rathole for a month, we found a nice little restored home (originally built in 1890 at 850 square feet!) and moved in around the middle of November.

Our biggest challenge has been going from a 2100 square foot home in California to a 1400 square foot home in Utah. Now I think this is good because it has forced us to learn how to live with less (space, and therefore, stuff) but we've had other challenges that I didn't really anticipate.

Fer instance, the upstairs is a finished attic and while it is relatively spacious, there are few flat walls (most are the slope of the roofline) and only one smallish closet. Consequently, we still haven't figured out where to hang most of our clothes. We're looking into getting a "portable" wardrobe closet, but are having problems finding one that isn't too tall so that it doesn't come into contact with the sloping ceiling/wall. And how do you hang a mirror in the bathroom if the walls aren't flat? Oh, the challenges.

But today, this very morning, took the cake. We had our first very cold storm yesterday and last night (it got down to about 12 F), resulting in about 4 inches of snow here at the house in the city and a couple of FEET up at Alta, where I have been skiing. So OF COURSE I was going to go get some of that fresh, famous Utah powder. But...I go to flush the toilet in the downstairs bathroom doesn't re-fill. Yep. Frozen pipes somewhere in this house that I'm still getting to know.

So I get on my grungy clothes and prepare to go under the house. I don't like confined spaces, so this is not something I am looking forward to. Fortunately, it's well lit, pretty spacious, and not nearly as scary as the Placerville house. And unfortunately, I discover that NONE of the very numerous (plastic) water pipes in the exposed area are insulated. Because there is more thawing required than can be accomplished with a hair dryer, I venture to Ace Hardware to purchase a space heater and some pipe insulation. I must have been a sight, all dirty from going under the house and, as I discovered later, with my shirt on backwards and inside out.

The good news is I got the pipes thawed and none of them were broken. I stayed down there and insulated everything as well as I could. And now that I'm done I'm pretty durn pleased with myself (though that doesn't make up for missing out on the good snow). My neighbor tells me this weather is not usual.

But the ultimate cruel fact-o-life is that it's not supposed to snow again in the near future, so I get crud tomorrow. It figures.


SadieKate said...

Dirty and wearing your clothes inside out. now that is the sign of a competent and confident woman!

Did Miss Pika find her ball?

snapdragen said...

Good job yellow! My grandparents lived in SLC, haven't been there since I was about 8 or 9 yo tho...