Meissner Run

Meissner Run
Snowshoe running in gorgeous Central Oregon

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Mt. Hamilton, Saturday Nov. 5

Here's the plan:

If it's raining, or if there's a very good chance of rain, I'm going to cancel. I don't do mountains in the rain!

Check this spot at 7 am that morning, or call me on my cell at (510) 507-4689.

Anyhow, if the weather cooperates, we'll start out at 10 am.

Meet before 10 at the corner of Alum Rock Ave (Rt. 130) and Mt. Hamilton Rd. in Milpitas.

Here's a google map of the general area (you can move it around and resize it to get an idea if where we're at),-121.815205&spn=0.014740,0.040770&hl=en

To get there: take I-680 to Milpitas (which is south of Fremont, north of San Jose), exit at Alum Rock Ave./Rt. 130, head east on Alum Rock for about 1-2 miles until you get to the T-intersection where Rt. 130 turns right, which is the start of Mt. Hamilton Road. Instead of turning right onto Mt. Hamilton Road, you'll turn left into a small parking area along the side of Alum Rock Ave.

If that parking area is full there's Linda Vista School, which is on Kirk Ave off Alum Rock about a mile back, where we could also park. I'll be at the parking area at the corner of Alum Rock & Mt. Ham, so if that area is full I'll send you back to Linda Vista and will (ahem) patiently wait for you to ride back and join us.

This link has directions on how to get to Linda Vista School - just bear in mind that it's written assuming that you're coming from the San Jose area, so if you're coming from Davis, Antioch and other points north you'll be taking 680 South. But you knew that.

Make sure to bring a couple of water bottles and some snacks. It's about 20 miles to the summit, and there are vending machines stocked with very pricey snacks at the summit observatory, but that's about it. There are rest rooms at the observatory, which I assume will be open, plus there are a couple of camping/picnic areas along the way up with portapotties and drinking water.

After-ride nourishment TBD

- jobob


SadieKate said...

Oh, Robb!! Jo says she's located a pizza joint with beer that might tempt you!

Robb said...

That's very thoughtful. But show me a pizza joint that DOESN'T have beer.

I'm not sure I want to be singled out as the only one, here, who enjoys fine handcrafted ales.

SadieKate said...

Oh, I suspect she's looking for a drinking partner, or two, or three.

Mt. Ham is long but isn't supposed to have steep grades like Diablo. You joining us? Then, you'll have a designated driver.