Meissner Run

Meissner Run
Snowshoe running in gorgeous Central Oregon

Friday, July 29, 2005

good to see the blog up!

hello everyone!

i haven't hooked up with y'all for a ride since bend, but really need to. i am getting ready for 12 hours of willamette pass on september 4th- so i needs ta spend more time on the dirt. anybody riding on sunday? (it's tim by the way! ;-)) my blog is up and running as of last week too! check it out here


SadieKate said...

Tim!! Glad to hear from you. After driving to Mt Diablo Saturday, I suspect we'll be staying around town Sunday. Are you doing the race as a team or solo?

The Mad Cyclist said...

the plan is to do it solo... but if i don't get myself out for some longer rides i may need a teammate or 2...

aka_kim said...

A Virgo who likes "Atlas Shrugged"? Are you my (much younger) twin?

The Mad Cyclist said... could be. stranger genetic things have been known to happen...i think. rand had some awfully wacky ideas...but was a mervelous writer. also up there on the list are the fountainhead and we the living... but there's a woman!